RMF Insurance Brokers: James R. Favor & Co.

An insurance broker helps to find, negotiate and secure the best possible coverage that meets the insurance needs, as identified by the RMF Board and the Sigma Chi Fraternity. The Risk Management Foundation has a long-standing relationship with its insurance broker, James R. Favor & Company.

Q&A Identifying Problem Members Before Initiation - Video (2:51)

Responding to a question from a Chapter Advisor, Mark Burroughs, NORTH CAROLINA STATE 1979, gives a real-life example of how to identify, assist, and support a potential problem member before initiation. Mark is currently serving as Grand Praetor for the North Carolina Province, and as RMF Director and Treasurer. 


Understanding Key Insurance Terms

Commercial General Liability

This coverage often referred to as general or public liability provides insurance protection against bodily injury and property damage claims brought against the insured by third parties or members of the public.