2014-15 RMF Statements Available in Early August

Hard copies of the 2014-15 RMF statements will be distributed via email to consuls, quaestors, risk managers, chapter advisors, house corporation presidents and treasurers, Grand Praetors and Grand Trustees in early August.By September 15, 2014, chapters must pay in full, schedule a payment plan, or notify the RMF and General Fraternity that you have secured insurance coverage elsewhere.

Robert E. Joseph RMF Award

Introducting the 2019 REJ  Scholars Award!

Due to other video contests being promoted at the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (KLTW), the REJ Award has adopted a different application and award process.

Understanding Key Insurance Terms

Commercial General Liability

This coverage often referred to as general or public liability provides insurance protection against bodily injury and property damage claims brought against the insured by third parties or members of the public.

Understanding Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are critical as the process of providing a certificate of your insurance to another party may be the last chance you have to apply risk management techniques to a given exposure or potential loss situation.

Top 4 Reminders about RMF Insurance Services


As separate legal entities. your chapter or house corporation is not authorized to sign any agreement or execute any contract on behalf of the International Fraternity or Sigma Chi Corporation. All contracts and agreements should only be signed in your own legal name (e.g. Alpha Delta Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity or The Alpha Delta House Corporation).

Crisis Management Overview


Developing your chapter's Crisis Management Plan is only the beginning of Crisis Preparedness.

Did you know that, historically, a chapter that creates and uses a crisis management plan is better equipped to protect itself from complicated claims and lawsuits?

Understanding Alcohol Policies

The misuse of alcohol is conduct unbecoming a Sigma Chi. Consequently, Sigma Chi Fraternity resolves to eliminate the misuse of alcohol by its membership, particularly among undergraduate and prospective members. — The Sigma Chi Policy on Alcohol

There are several Fraternity and campus policies regarding alcohol use and misuse with which members should be familiar, including:

Spring Break: Responsible Use of Alcohol Serves Members and Guests

Responsible use of alcohol serves members and guests

All too often, drinking is accepted almost as a rite of passage during spring break vacations. Students who participate in binge drinking significantly raise their risk of injury and death, while they are also more likely to become victims of crime and violence, including sexual assault.