Check the items you would label as hazing activities:

  • Requiring new members to wear specific clothing.

  • Forced calisthenics, e.g. sit-ups and push-ups, and purposeless runs for the sake of creating "unity."

  • Using obscenities, yelling, or screaming at pledges.

  • Calling new members "scum," "rats," or other degrading terms.

  • Not allowing new members to speak to others.

  • Paddle swatting.

  • Keeping new members up all night or frequently interrupting their sleep with quizzes or general harassment.

  • Requiring new members to perform acts of personal servitude or run personal errands for the convenience of older members.

  • Scheduling "work duty" meant only for new members.

  • Requiring new members to memorize information about older members.

  • Awaking new members by dragging them onto the floor.

Even though the items listed above are situational, each one on this list is an act of hazing, especially within the context of the treatment of new members of Sigma Chi. This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

For more information regarding Sigma Chi Fraternity’s position on hazing, consult The Norman Shield.

Remember: A level of inequality is present in each activity listed above, and hazing is an abuse of power. If current members of your chapter will not participate in the same activities as the new members, it is hazing.

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