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The RMF provides loss-control inspection services and appraisals to every property in the program at no cost to your chapter or house corporation. As we collect better and more detailed information about our chapter properties, the RMF will begin to offer further discounts based on factors such as type of construction, sprinkled facilities, smoke and fire alarms, use of a management company, recent upgrades and renovations, etc.

As a part of our continuing risk management program efforts, Risk Management Surveys and Life Safety/Loss Control inspections are conducted for every chapter facility.

The goals of the Risk Management Survey and Life Safety/Loss Control inspection program are:

  1. To assure that our insurance coverage is based on the most complete and accurate exposure and underwriting information possible,
  2. To provide the information foundation for an effective RMF Life Safety/Loss Control Program,
  3. To assist in identifying and reducing risks in and around our chapter facilities, and
  4. To provide current Marshall & Swift ( replacement cost valuations—including building code compliance costs—to be used for insurance purposes for all RMF chapter houses.


The inspection only takes one to two hours. As proven with other fraternities, making our facilities safer and reducing losses will lead to lower insurance costs in the future. The inspection and loss control process should be very beneficial to the RMF and its members in our ongoing efforts to control and reduce our insurance costs.

The actual inspections will be performed by local representatives of Technical Insurance Services (TIS) working under the direction of the RMF and James R. Favor & Company. It is planned that every facility will be regularly (at least every 3 years) inspected. The inspection program produces the best information and results when both a house corporation officer and chapter officer accompanies the inspector.

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