Q&A Identifying Problem Members Before Initiation - Video (2:51)

Responding to a question from a Chapter Advisor, Mark Burroughs, NORTH CAROLINA STATE 1979, gives a real-life example of how to identify, assist, and support a potential problem member before initiation. Mark is currently serving as Grand Praetor for the North Carolina Province, and as RMF Director and Treasurer. 


Does Your Chapter Haze?

Check the items you would label as hazing activities:

  • Requiring new members to wear specific clothing.

  • Forced calisthenics, e.g. sit-ups and push-ups, and purposeless runs for the sake of creating "unity."

  • Using obscenities, yelling, or screaming at pledges.

RMF Insurance Program Hazing Exclusion

Many of you are aware that hazing is not covered under the Risk Management Foundation insurance policy. Specifically, the policy states:

It is hereby understood and agreed that this insurance does not apply to BODILY INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE and/or PERSONAL INJURY arising directly or indirectly out of HAZING. 

Understanding Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are critical as the process of providing a certificate of your insurance to another party may be the last chance you have to apply risk management techniques to a given exposure or potential loss situation.