RMF Position on Firearms and Weapons

The United States Constitution provides that all citizens may bear arms. For our Brotherhood, our Chapters and Brothers must also recognize the potential dangers that can arise—even from unintended consequences—due to the presence of firearms or other weapons at a chapter house or chapter activity. 

Risk Management Foundation Policy on Alcohol and Drugs

1. The illegal use, possession, sale or distribution of any controlled substance or alcoholic beverage at a chapter house or any chapter function shall be strictly prohibited.

2. No chapter members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, allow to be served or sell alcoholic beverages to those under legal drinking age.

RMF Insurance Program Hazing Exclusion

Many of you are aware that hazing is not covered under the Risk Management Foundation insurance policy. Specifically, the policy states:

It is hereby understood and agreed that this insurance does not apply to BODILY INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE and/or PERSONAL INJURY arising directly or indirectly out of HAZING. 

Best Practices for Party Planning: Hiring Third-Party Vendors

The RMF encourages all Sigma Chi chapters to hire a third-party vendor or venue when hosting an event at their chapter house or off-campus in which alcohol will be served. What is a “third-party vendor”? It’s an alcohol related service provider, such as a licensed bartender or catering service, which is also covered by its own general and liquor liability insurance policies.

Understanding Alcohol Policies

The misuse of alcohol is conduct unbecoming a Sigma Chi. Consequently, Sigma Chi Fraternity resolves to eliminate the misuse of alcohol by its membership, particularly among undergraduate and prospective members. — The Sigma Chi Policy on Alcohol

There are several Fraternity and campus policies regarding alcohol use and misuse with which members should be familiar, including: