Understanding Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are critical as the process of providing a certificate of your insurance to another party may be the last chance you have to apply risk management techniques to a given exposure or potential loss situation.

Best Practices for Party Planning: Hiring Third-Party Vendors

The RMF encourages all Sigma Chi chapters to hire a third-party vendor or venue when hosting an event at their chapter house or off-campus in which alcohol will be served. What is a “third-party vendor”? It’s an alcohol related service provider, such as a licensed bartender or catering service, which is also covered by its own general and liquor liability insurance policies.

Certificates of Insurance - What you need to know

Closely related to risk management and insurance requirements for chapter events, the second active area of loss control is providing Certificates of Insurance (COIs) for member events. University risk management departments are continuously refining the coverage language requested for such COIs with the input of general counsel.

Smart Phones, Text Messages, E-Mails, Instant Messages, Blogs, Facebook …

The immediacy of communication in the 21st century is part of the undergraduate experience. A brother can make an observation about his pledge ceremony on his blog and it’s available for global consumption as soon as he clicks “submit.” He can update his Facebook profile to include the digital picture he took of himself and his girlfriend at a band’s concert the night before.

Event Safety and Alcohol Policies FAQ – Video (7:56)

In game show format, this video covers key questions on Sigma Chi and RMF Alcohol and Drug policies as well as best practices for safe event planning. Presented by David Santoli,CASE WESTERN 1985, as Asst. Team Leader for the Risk Managers at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. David also served two terms on the RMF Board of Directors.


Key Components of a Crisis Management Plan - Video (5:28)

Discussing the process for developing a chapter crisis management plan, this short video covers topics such as safety first, officer roles and responsibilities, documentation, and cooperation. Presented by Stephen Davidson, BIRMINGHAM-SOUTHERN 1996, RMF Executive Director at the 2012 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. 


Risk Management in Social Programming – Video (6:45)

Using Sigma Chi case studies, Grand Praetor and RMF Treasurer, Mark Burroughs, NORTH CAROLINA STATE 1979, talks about the important role that risk management plays in event safety and social programming, including tips to reduce risk and annual alcohol exposures on US campuses.