Responsible use of alcohol serves members and guests

All too often, drinking is accepted almost as a rite of passage during spring break vacations. Students who participate in binge drinking significantly raise their risk of injury and death, while they are also more likely to become victims of crime and violence, including sexual assault.

As spring break approaches, ensure that brothers understand this connection between alcohol consumption and crime. While under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, students are also statistically more likely to commit crimes and to violate laws, and in many instances, leading to arrest at significant financial expense and lost time.

Chapters should adopt policies and appropriate disciplinary sanctions for brothers who violate those policies. Consistent enforcement of sanctions sends a message that alcohol and substance abuse will not be tolerated. Brothers should review and discuss these policies at relevant chapter meetings and before spring break.

Talk with Brothers at chapter meetings about how to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to help a friend who might be in danger. DON’T PLAY DOCTOR. If there’s even the hint of a question, immediately CALL 9-1-1.

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