On Jan. 31, 2005, Grand Consul Lee Beauchamp, Texas A&M-College Station 1975, introduced Sigma Chi Fraternity’s Zero-Tolerance policy regarding hazing. The follow are some excerpts from his address:

“Hazing” constitutes any intentional knowing, or reckless act,

“Everyone knows how Sigma Chi feels about these problemsAlcohol abuse is wrong. Hazing is wrong. And combining the two usually makes for dangerous circumstances  that can kill people and ruin lives.”

“We must ensure that all brothers enjoy a fulfilling and productive membership in Sigma Chi. This policy reflects the expectations set forth by The Jordan Standard
. This case provides a clear example as to why the general liability and the principles and values that guide our Fraternity. It builds on our belief that Sigma Chis become the best men we can be through membership and brotherhood.”

“... We want to help chapters to change their behavior to align with Sigma Chi’s commitment to character-in-action. The new policies will work only if there is trust between the Fraternity and its chapter members. We expect chapters to seriously review their own activities to end hazing and alcohol violations. Sigma Chi’s goal is to work with the chapters to define new and better standards of behavior. This must be a collaborative effort.”

“Brothers, I ask that you help us create new traditions that reflect the realities that we all face today and that you work with us to make Sigma Chi stronger in our next 150 years. We are confident that your support will help Sigma Chi continue to flourish and grow.”

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