Case studies are helpful educational tools that allow you and your chapter to consider real-life fraternity claim scenarios and assess the relevant risk and responsibility. Several formats of case studies are available below, including brief videos of undergraduates and alumni sharing and asking questions about real-life situations at their own chapters; case studies presented in web format, including case briefs and analysis by RMF defense counsel; and finally, downloadable case studies on several key risk management topics that create interactive discussion led by an alumni facilitator or undergraduate chapter officer. Examine the situations below and think about preventive measures your chapter can take, as well as how you might react in similar situations. 

  • Bid Night, Brain Injuries, and Hazing Allegations: Joe S. v. SC Fraternity, et al.

    Case study based on an actual Sigma Chi lawsuit, illustrating the potential impact of legal action against the chapter and its executive officers. In this case study, find the known facts and the sordid speculation that cost the chapter several years of depositions and other legal obligations, while costing the RMF program more than $100,000. Legal analysis from RMF defense counsel included.

  • Summer Recruitment Party Results in Fall from Roof: Baxter v. Sigma Chi

    Case study based on an actual Sigma Chi claim from a party that ended in near-fatal injuries sustained by a guest at the event. Consider the risk management policies and what could have been done differently… “The Consul described the roof…as a ‘deck which no one is allowed to go on.’…However, depositions from chapter members revealed that the roof was regularly used as a makeshift deck.”