NOTE: Completion of application does not constitute a binding of coverage. Applications will be reviewed and rated with a formal proposal and invoice to follow.


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Purchasing Contents Insurance through the RMF has many advantages. It covers important items such as ritual regalia, composites,  and House Corp. owned furniture,  in the event of common perils such as fire, water, electric, theft etc. Also, by having at least $20,000 in contents coverage, it triggers additional insurance policies for the UG chapter and House Corporation officers , including general liability coverage for the House Corporation and its officers/advisors, a separate Directors & Officers policy and a Crime/Bond policy—all at no extra cost. This is particularly valuable to chapters and house corporations who are not otherwise participating in our property program. 


Generally speaking, the cost for such coverage ranges from $100 - $500 a year depending on limits. The expected per-occurrence deductible  is $5,000. Please fill out the form below or contact us at if you are interested in applying.


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