Candles Are a Significant Fire Hazard!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 18,000 home fires started by candles were reported to public fire departments in 2002. This is important to note since almost two-thirds of students in the United States live off-campus in homes and apartments.

Is Your Chapter, Apartment or Dorm at Risk for a Fire?

On past risk assessments of chapter house properties across the Fraternity, the answer seems to be “yes.” The following conditions were frequently identified as unsafe and could easily lead to a loss of property or worse yet—life.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage Explained

We have received questions from house corporation officers about the purpose and value of Equipment Breakdown coverage. For greek-owned property, this coverage provides insurance protection for the types of property and against the kinds of losses not covered by property insurance.

House Closing Checklist - Winter


Heading Home for the Holidays?

Simple steps to protect your chapter house in your absence

Finals are coming to an end, and it is time to go home for the holidays! Before you leave, be sure to prepare the chapter house for the extended break. The house needs to be protected against cold weather.

House Closing Checklist - Summer


Simple steps to protect your chapter house in your absence

You’ve worked hard all semester; final exams are approaching; and thoughts of summer are not far behind. In the midst of your end-of-semester studies and celebrations, don’t forget to prepare your home-away-from-home for the summer months.