RMF Program Key Facts and Figures - Video (7:10)

This instructive video covers key questions on the RMF insurance program, including coverages, deductibles, named insureds, limits, etc.. Presented by David Santoli, CASE WESTERN 1985, as Asst. Team Leader for the Risk Managers at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. David also served two terms on the RMF Board of Directors.


5 Steps to Effective Crisis Management – Video (9:16)

Speaking directly to undergraduate Risk Managers, this important video details five (5) key steps to follow for effective crisis management, including risk identification, assembling The Team and developing The List.

Risk Management in Social Programming – Video (6:45)

Using Sigma Chi case studies, Grand Praetor and RMF Treasurer, Mark Burroughs, NORTH CAROLINA STATE 1979, talks about the important role that risk management plays in event safety and social programming, including tips to reduce risk and annual alcohol exposures on US campuses.