Risk Management and Fraternity policies are constantly changing. The Risk Management Foundation has created a comprehensive Risk Management document that highlights the major exposures and policies that a Sigma Chi chapter should prepare for and abide by.. Click here to make a copy of the template to create an editable Google Document. (must sign-in to google, Click File>Make a Copy) 

  • Editable to include State-law, IFC, and university guidelines Each chapter is expected to adhere to the rules of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and the RMF. Futhermore, every chapter must follow their local guidelines. Including these in your plan will make it more accurate and specific for your chapter. 
  • Includes updated Fraternity and RMF Policies Many revisions to Sigma Chi policies have been updated recently including a new statement on Pledge Training and a policy on Transportation programs. The Risk Management Foundation has published its stance on a variety of topics including host liquor liability, fight nights, and road trips. 
  • Educate your brothers Too often it is only the officers who have a good sense of RisK Mangement. This tool will allow you to widely distribute key information, where brothers can easisly click on links for more information.