• RMF Fees 2017-18, New Savings for E-payments

    Attention UG & HC Officers: RMF Invoices for the upcoming school year have been distributed. RMF subscription fee payments are due by September 15, and we are pleased to announce four (4) NEW SAVINGS OPPORTUNITIES for payments made electronically. To request information to make an ACH transfer or PayPal payment, please email RMF@sigmachi.org.

  • Experiential Ratings - Year 1 results

    2016-2017 marks the 1st year of the experiential rating program for our membership subscription fees (chapter liability insurance premium). Rather than a flat per-man fee, the RMF added 8 additional factors to incentivize best risk management practices. We also expanded our already existing property experiential rating factors. Overall our chapters and House Corporations received savings (credits) that totaled to $360,000 , most of which should be recurring each year. For liability, 43 chapters saved between 1% and 10%, and 77 chapters saved over 10%! On the property side, 30% of our House Corporations 10% or more, and an additional 43% received a savings of some percentage. Below are tables that outline the credits and debits assigned for the various factors. As you can see, there is still room for improvement particularly for the chapters who did sign and submit a risk management plan and missed the 3% savings (and also received a 3% increase for not doing so). Another potential manner in which most of our chapter's and house corporations could save considerable dollars would be to consider taking the necessary steps to receive the Alcohol/Substance-Free/3rd Party venue credit which can save a total of 22%.

  • RMF Position on Firearms and Weapons

    The United States Constitution provides that all citizens may bear arms. For our Brotherhood, our Chapters and Brothers must also recognize the potential dangers that can arise—even from unintended consequences—due to the presence of firearms or other weapons at a chapter house or chapter activity.