• Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative (FHSI) Takes Immediate Action on College Campuses Nationwide

    Eight international and national fraternity member clients of James R. Favor & Company (JRFCo) today announced they are forming a consortium to implement the Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative (FHSI) to fight the most pressing social issues facing college campuses today: sexual and relationship misconduct, binge drinking and hazing. Through the FHSI, the consortium members will take immediate action beginning in the 2014-2015 school year to educate undergraduate members of their fraternities to prevent, identify and intervene against these behaviors.

  • RMF Insurance Program Hazing Exclusion

    Many of you are aware that hazing is not covered under the Risk Management Foundation insurance policy. Specifically, the policy states:

    It is hereby understood and agreed that this insurance does not apply to BODILY INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE and/or PERSONAL INJURY arising directly or indirectly out of HAZING. 

  • Understanding Certificates of Insurance

    Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are critical as the process of providing a certificate of your insurance to another party may be the last chance you have to apply risk management techniques to a given exposure or potential loss situation.