Spring Break: Safety Tips

The choices of where to go and how to spend your time once you arrive at your spring break destinations are endless. However, if members act carelessly, their fun can escalate into unwelcome, unexpected, unfortunate, or even dangerous situations.

Party Planning - Top 10 Checklist

Planning safe parties on college campuses can be a daunting task, even if "fun” is the goal. As you may have noticed in the Risk Management Foundation Policy on Alcohol and Drugs, it is best, and easiest, for chapters to hold their events at third-party venues.

Certificates of Insurance - What you need to know

Closely related to risk management and insurance requirements for chapter events, the second active area of loss control is providing Certificates of Insurance (COIs) for member events. University risk management departments are continuously refining the coverage language requested for such COIs with the input of general counsel.

Smart Phones, Text Messages, E-Mails, Instant Messages, Blogs, Facebook …

The immediacy of communication in the 21st century is part of the undergraduate experience. A brother can make an observation about his pledge ceremony on his blog and it’s available for global consumption as soon as he clicks “submit.” He can update his Facebook profile to include the digital picture he took of himself and his girlfriend at a band’s concert the night before.

Guest List Management Concerns Grow With Instant Technology

We wanted to have a party and invite a lot of people, so each of the brothers in the chapter sent a text message to twenty of his friends. That’s considered an invite, right? I mean, it’s kinda like a guest list.