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In early 2015, the RMF Board of Directors committed to a significant investment geared toward assessing and preserving our 100+ chapter house properties via the following program objectives:


  • to identify our exposures across the full program

  • to provide educational resources to assist our many house corporation advisors do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, and

  • to fund key life safety improvements and upgrades along with those major deficiencies creating increased exposures for the local insured and RMF


The Property Conservation Inspection program completed 2 years of enhanced house inspections in December, 2016! This has established a detailed baseline condition of each property with an average of 159 minor to more significant deficiencies per house. This has provided House Corps with meaningful information to prioritize and make repairs as funds are available. With 38% of House Corps reporting, an average of $56,500 has been spent so far in repairs with a significant 42% invested in key areas of: Life-Safety, Electrical, Security and Stormwater Protection.


Notable Statistics (Facilities participating in the RMF property program):

Fire Sprinklered: 58%,

Exterior Doors with coded/electronic access: 81%,

Security Cameras: 43% Inspection Rating Average: 75/100


Areas improvement is needed:

Fire rated bedroom doors: 56%

Bedlofts (Removal or repair to meet fire code): 47% '

Electrical upgrades needed: 36%

Fire Extinguishers: 34%

Basements: 30%


A more detailed list of the common identified deficiences can be downloaded below the picture on this page. This serves as a useful list for regular upkeep and maintainence checks. If a House Corporation or chapter needs assistance with any of these items, please let us know. To request a copy of your chapter’s inspection report or find out when your house is scheduled for inspection, please contact