Congratulations to the 2015-2016 RMF Award Winners!

In honor of past chairman Robert E. Joseph (REJ), RMF funds annual grants for the purpose of supporting further risk management education and chapter house life safety improvements, as well as recognizing chapters with exemplary risk management programs. This year, chapters were asked to create a short video related to a variety of risk management topics. The winners are: 

1.       Delta Psi (fire safety) – overall winner and $2500 grant

2.       Gamma Psi (event planning) - $1500

3.       Theta Kappa (social media) - $1000

4.       Epsilon Omicron (social media and event planning) – Honorable mention - $500

5.       Theta (event planning) – Honorable mention - $500

Through 2016, RMF has awarded over 50 chapters nearly $200,000 in grant monies as a result of the Joseph Award. To see the winning videos, click the chapter name above or contact Details on the 2017 REJ RMF Award will be available in early 2017 with submissions due by May 31, 2017.

Past Winners


Best overall program ($1,000) - Theta (Gettysburg)

Honorable mention ($1,000) - Zeta Theta B (Kettering)

Honorable mention ($1,000) - Gamma Tau (North Dakota State)

Honorable mention ($1,000) - Gamma Psi (RPI)

Honorable mention ($1,000) - Alpha Nu (Texas) 


Best overall program ($1,000):  Gama Tau (North Dakota State)

Honorable mention ($1,000):    Alpha Omega (Stanford)

Honorable mention ($1,000):   Theta (Gettysburg)

Honorable mention ($1,000):   Upsilon Upsilon (Washington-Seattle)


Best overall program ($1,000) - Alpha Omega (Stanford)

Honorable mention ($1,000) - Alpha Kappa (Hilsdale)

Honorable mention ($1,000) - Alpha Nu (Texas)

Honorable mention ($1,000) - Epsilon Kappa (Memphis)

Honorable mention ($1,000) - Upsilon Upsilon (Seattle)