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About the Risk Management Foundation

Over the past 30 years, RMF has earned a stellar reputation as an expert risk management education and loss control organization that prioritizes its membership. We maintain close relationships with a robust network of respected insurance providers to secure comprehensive property and casualty insurance coverages at the best possible rates, offer best in-class back office support, and work tirelessly with all of our clients to avoid claims before they occur. We are dedicated to providing customized loss control solutions by first getting to know our clients on a human and financial level and then developing programs to meet their specific needs. 


We maintain a deep knowledge and understanding of this distinctive marketplace and customize programs to protect our clients’ long-term interests, educate students and administrators on responsibly managing risk, and help preserve and enhance physical structures where they live, gather, and study. 

Our Pillars 



RMF provides risk management instruction to educate students and administrators by sharing experiences and foreseeing trends to promote responsible action and to reduce incidents and claims.



RMF is a financially strong entity that provides access to customized loss control programs and administrative support to higher education clients, protecting their long-term interests and encouraging program growth.



RMF is committed to proactive loss control by working with key partners. Our disciplined approach and consistent financial strength allows RMF to repair and enhance physical structures to develop premier campus facilities. 

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